11 Aug, 2023
Isla de Lobos, the restaurant of the Princesa Yaiza Hotel offers delicious local cuisine

The restaurant, located in an idyllic enclave with views of the Atlantic ocean and the neighbouring islands of lobos and Fuerteventura, offers signature cuisine with products from Lanzarote by chef Gonzalo Calzadilla.

A traditional proposal full of flavour and respect for the product with the chef’s personal touch that has been awarded a sol repsol every year since 2020.


Isla de Lobos, the gastronomic restaurant of the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5*, located in an idyllic setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the islands of Lobos and Fuerteventura, offers contemporary signature cuisine with island flavours created by chef Gonzalo Calzadilla.

Awarded one Repsol Sun every year since 2020, Isa de Lobos continues with its firm commitment to local produce, specifically from its own farm in Uga. This is where Gonzalo Calzadilla and his team source the fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats they use daily to offer a traditional cuisine full of flavour, where a deep respect for origin and product shines through.

The chef, Gonzalo Calzadilla, shows through his elaborations the respect he feels for the farmers, stockbreeders and fishermen behind them. His work takes on meaning in starters like the smoked salmon tartare from Uga with avocado sorbet and cheese soup; in the octopus with papas bonitas and red mojo; and in dishes such as sea bass in green sauce with peas and shellfish, Canarian black suckling pig with orange sauce, sweet potato, and baby carrot salad, or glazed leeks with sweet potato cream and lentil vinaigrette.

A menu without artifice, full of textures and contrasts, complemented by a dessert offering where the cheese trolley from the Finca de Uga, with over eight award-winning references in multiple editions of the World Cheese Awards, leaves no one indifferent; and a carefully curated selection of wines.

A proposal of origin and love for the product to enjoy the island and the Atlantic Ocean through the senses.