18 Dec, 2023
Bottled Passion: Stratvs and Raúl Pérez.

Located in La Geria, the winery integrates an innovative architectural design in a unique environment to produce wines that stand out for their elegance and marked minerality.

Behind the Stratvs wines is Raúl Pérez, the world-renowned oenologist whose wines cross borders and break records on the Parker list.

Lanzarote, August 2023

Located in the heart of La Geria, one of the most unique enclaves on the island of Lanzarote, the Stratvs Winery perfectly integrates its innovative architectural design with a unique environment to produce, every year, wines that stand out for their elegance and marked minerality. A winery that pays homage to nature and the island’s winemaking tradition and is run by the renowned oenologist Raúl Perez.

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Bodega Stratvs, built underground with local materials such as volcanic stone, iron and wood, is an oasis of wine with roots in the exceptional landscape of La Geria. Here, traditional Lanzarote wines are produced using state-of-the-art technology that allows the best qualities of each grape to be extracted. One example is the volcanic malvasia with vines planted on ungrafted vines (on their own roots), a very delicate and emblematic grape of Lanzarote that expresses itself perfectly in the winery’s most renowned wine, its dry white.

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Behind this Malvasía Seco and the rest of the wines offered by Bodega Stratvs, such as Finca Las Palmeras, Viñas Centenarias or Finca de Uga, are the knowledge and know-how of the Bierzo winegrower and oenologist Raúl Pérez, recognised as one of the best winemakers in the world, with 200 labels on Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocated list. His great obsession is that the wine should reflect the character of the vineyard, an objective that also marks his work philosophy at Bodega Stratvs. Here, Raúl Perez ensures that the wines have as little supernatural intervention as possible in order to maintain the typical characteristics of the island, such as its sub-desert soil and climate and humid trade winds. The result: wines where you can feel the saline and volcanic character of the island, the terrain, the climate and the vintage.

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All these wines can be enjoyed at Bodega Stratvs, which offers a 360º experience for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs, and a wide range of possibilities to fall in love with them, the landscapes, and the flavours of the island of Lanzarote.

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About Stratvs Winery

The Bodega Stratvs, inaugurated in 2008, is located in La Geria, very close to the Timanfaya National Park. Built underground, it preserves the original topography of the ravine and has a unique architectural design in harmony with the surrounding environment. The winery offers guided tours to show the production technique and elaboration of Stratvs wines, among which the white Malvasia Volcanica stands out, a wine icon of the island.