11 Aug, 2023
Don Nicolás de Finca de Uga, Best Cheese of the Canary Islands 2023

The Canary Institute of Agri-Food Quality (Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria) has today announced the jury’s decision in this famous gastronomic competition held in La Gomera.

The artisan cheese dairy, managed by Rosa Group, also won the gold medal for ‘Vulcanito’, the silver medal for ‘Secreto del Majo’ and the special distinction of the children’s jury for ‘Rojillo’.


The Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria has held today in La Gomera the final of the Official Cheese Contest Agrocanarias 2023. Thus, the jury of this famous gastronomic competition has awarded ‘Don Nicolás’, the matured cow’s cheese from Finca de Uga, the prize for Best Cheese of the Canary Islands 2023.

The artisan cheese dairy on this agricultural estate, owned by Rosa Group, has also received other awards that recognize the quality of their products and the artisan and sustainable process they follow for their production:

  • Gold Medal: Aged goat, cow, and sheep cheese ‘Vulcano’
  • Silver Medal: Tender goat cheese ‘Secreto del Majo’
  • Special Jury Distinction (from the children’s jury): Semi-cured goat cheese with paprika ‘Rojillo’

All these cheeses have also won various international prizes awarded in the most important competitions in the sector, such as the World Cheese Awards.


The Finca de Uga cheese dairy is equipped with innovative facilities that respect traditional methods of production. In this way, they receive only the milk of their 300 Majorero goats, 300 Canary Island sheep and 30 Jersey cows, to obtain yoghurt and a wide range of high quality cheeses, ranging from pressed pastes made from a single type of milk to cheeses made from different mixtures and vegetable and lactic coagulations, reaching an annual production of only 24,000 kg.

Its production system pursues sustainability with the main objective of guaranteeing the maximum comfort and welfare of the animals, keeping a rigorous control of the feed and maintaining correct hygiene, in order to obtain the highest quality raw material.

Undoubtedly, the effort, dedication and care with which they obtain and transform their milk has enabled them to achieve cheeses with a unique personality and quality, endorsed by the great experts in the sector.