18 Dec, 2023
Finca de Uga, Eco Supplier for Fariones and Princesa Yaiza Hotels

The Hotel Fariones and Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5* offer a cuisine with a strong commitment to health, the environment and the seasonality of food.

Both offer local gastronomic proposals in their restaurants and are committed to local produce from the volcanic soil of Finca de Uga.

Lanzarote, September 2023

Tradition and sustainability, innovation and quality, effort and self-improvement are concepts that perfectly define the reality and philosophy of Finca de Uga. An ecological and sustainable farm founded by Rosa Group that provides the fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy products and cheeses that are served every day in the different gastronomic outlets of the Hotel Fariones and the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5*.

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The culinary proposals of both hotels are a commitment to discover the island of Lanzarote through the local produce and cuisine, to promote the roots, and to value the autochthonous. Finca de Uga plays a fundamental role here, an area dedicated to the traditional cultivation of fruit and vegetables with the aim of guaranteeing the freshness and natural flavour of the products and respecting seasonal production. The land is home to orange, avocado, apple, fig and apricot trees, papaya and strawberry trees, as well as garden produce such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, courgettes and aubergines.

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In addition to fruit and vegetables, Finca de Uga has a total of 1,000 animals such as the black Canarian free-range hen, the Majorero goat, the Canarian sheep, the Jersey cow and the black Canarian suckling pig. The latter, a unique crossbreed in the world, is one of the main dishes on the menu of Isla de Lobos, the Sol Repsol restaurant at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5*, headed by chef Gonzalo Calzadilla.

The cheeses and dairy products that can be enjoyed both on Isla de Lobos and in the other gastronomic options at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5* and the Hotel Fariones are made in the artisan cheese factory at the Finca de Uga. It only receives milk from its 400 Majorero goats, 300 Canarian sheep and 30 Jersey cows to produce yoghurt and a wide range of cheeses with a unique personality and quality, endorsed by the great experts in the sector. They have eight cheeses awarded in multiple editions of the World Cheese Awards and Don Nicolás, the matured cow’s cheese awarded as the best cheese of the Canary Islands 2023.

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Thus, all these fresh, top quality and local products can be enjoyed daily in the buffets and restaurants of the Hotel Fariones and the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5*, two hotels with a cuisine that is highly committed to health, the environment and the seasonality of food. A proposal of origin and love for the product to enjoy the island and the Atlantic Ocean through the senses.